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Product Information Management

Harness the Power of Your Product Data. 

A PIM System Helps You Deliver the Rich Product Content Consumers Demand.

Seamlessly import, enhance, enrich, and syndicate product data across your systems and touchpoints.

Consumers today demand reliable, consistent, and compelling product information. This has led to an exponential increase in the amount of product data that companies must create and store.

Product data often involves thousands of attributes, hundreds of relationships, and even millions of records. This data is an integral part of real-time business processes within and outside the enterprise – yet, unfortunately, it is often inaccurate, inconsistent, and siloed.

A Product Information Management (PIM) system provides the ability to acquire, enhance, and publish / syndicate all aspects of your critical enterprise product information. Having a single, consistent view of product master data across the enterprise delivers significant operational efficiencies and improves business performance. Ultimately, it helps enterprises deliver the consistent, accurate, and enriched product content that today’s consumers require.


  • Easily capture and maintain all product attributes and relationships via a rich data model, and reconcile and transform all product master data from each system format into a common structure.
  • Allow users to easily access information to analyze and report on available products and compare product usage and results.
  • Manage all aspects of product master records, including hierarchy, structure, validations, approvals, and versioning.
  • Enrich product data with attributes, descriptions, documentation, and other related data components.

Explore Other Data Domains


Gain a complete view of your customers to deliver next-level personalization.



Easily onboard and collaborate with suppliers for fast, seamless product introductions.



Leverage location data to enrich other domains for a business intelligence boost.



Drive efficiency and savings with a central repository of parts and material data.



Provide the compelling visual assets that digital commerce requires. 


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