Floor & Decor

Floor & Decor (F&D) stores offer tile, wood, laminate, and natural stone flooring products, as well as decorative and installation accessories. As of September 2018, F&D operates 93 stores in 21 states.


Redefine business processes and workflows for product, vendor, and factory data management
Develop a Web UI for merchants, buyers, suppliers, and internal compliance users
Create a transformation roadmap: E2E SKU, vendor, and factory onboarding, Agile transformation, and change management

Client Value

Amplifi provided a comprehensive MDM solution for product, vendor, and factory data management solution with workflow validation.

Key Features / Focus Area

Delivered ability to better enforce compliance of its auditing and regulated activities of product, vendor, and factory data management
Simplified Product Hierarchy, leveraging category attribution
Created a more standard, consistent, and accurate set of data to feed into all downstream systems
Developed a comprehensive Web UI to facilitate complex compliance and auditing related activities
Architected an all-inclusive data model relating product, vendor, and factory data objects
Improved supplier engagement of product and vendor enrichment process


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