Establish a data strategy that meets business objectives

Every organization should have a robust data strategy that links directly to their overall business goals. And that data strategy shouldn’t just be a stack of paper; it needs to be a roadmap with clearly defined tactical deliverables. Sound like something you need?

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Become a data driven business

To use your data to its full potential, and to gain real value from it, you need to have a plan in place.

You need an outline of how to utilize your data as a strategic asset to support your wider business goals. Any organization can have a Data Strategy, either covering all aspects of data management, or just focussing on a specific area, to achieve your business vision.

What is a Data Strategy?

A Data Strategy works to identify data management practices that are critical to business success.

It structures a way for organizations to coordinate, design and mature their data management to support those strategic objectives. It could mean maturing your existing data capabilities or designing wholly new capabilities, which might include evolving the data operating model, optimizing the data architecture, or providing a roadmap of projects and initiatives to drive change in data management.

Expert tips for building your Data Strategy

Download our guide.

Whether you are about to design a data strategy, have identified the need for one, or have been delivered one and are having trouble with operationalizing it, this guide will give you some top tips from our expert data-strategists to help you along the way.

What does a ‘good’ Data Strategy look like?

Takes a holistic approach

A good data strategy works best as a collaboration between IT and business stakeholders. Together, you can discuss everything needed for successful data management including people, processes, technology and culture, to build a holistic strategy underpinned by the goals of the wider business.

Delivers quick wins

A good data strategy isn’t trying to ‘boil the ocean’. Having a plan in place to achieve some quick value from the offset with smaller short-term objectives is a great way to kick off your data strategy and rally key stakeholders early before the more deeply strategic, longer-term initiatives come up.

Aligns with business goals

A good data strategy aligns with the overall corporate strategy and enables other business capabilities to deliver their goals. Data is an intrinsic part of a business; your data strategy should reflect this and work to achieve tangible and measurable business outcomes across the whole organization.

Who needs a Data Strategy?

Businesses and technology are evolving constantly.

This means companies can no longer have rigid, legislative data strategies which plan years into the future. In order to adapt to the constantly evolving strategic landscape that businesses face, and to help achieve shifting business priorities, organisations need lean, agile data strategies that can adapt with ease and efficiency.

Data is a unique asset that cannot be managed the same way as financial or physical assets. With the volume, variety and velocity of data increasing year on year, businesses need a coherent plan to manage and leverage their data assets, to unlock tangible value.

Every business who creates or uses any type of data, be that product data, people data, asset data, financial data, supply chain data, service data, ingredient data etc… needs a data strategy in place to unlock its value.

When might you need a data strategy?

  • If you can’t achieve your business objectives because you don’t have the correct data on which to base your decisions
  • If your people spend excessive time firefighting data issues and not delivering added value

  • If you want to explore digital innovations, from e-commerce initiatives to personalization

  • If you want to start to drive growth, ensure compliance, or increase efficiency to create an excellent customer experience (Hint: these can be achieved through data management!)

  • If you want the whole business to have access to a single, reliable, and accessible source of client, product, supply chain, personnel, or ingredient data…

  • If your customer experience is being negatively impacted by unnecessary errors caused by bad quality data

Guide to building your Data Strategy

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