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Automotive MDM

It’s Time to Put Your Automotive Parts and Fitment Data into Over-Drive. 

Have AutoCares, NAPA, ACES, or PIES Ingestion/Management Requirements?  Call Us, We Speak Your Language.

The automotive industry has undergone a revolution, widening the demand for high-quality rich data on after-market auto parts. From meeting automotive standards to delivering enriched content, we can help.

The automotive industry continues to transform into the digital age where standardization of fitment data has been adopted by industry experts in standard formats such as ACES & PIES files from the AutoCare Association.  From meeting automotive standards like AutoCare, NAPA and TecDoc to delivering enriched content, we have the industry experience and best practice knowledge to help you evolve your business into this new era.

Businesses in the automotive industry are tasked with keeping up with a plethora of part numbers, numbering nomenclatures, and vehicle configurations that may exist for the same part.  Adding to this complexity is the need to remain current with new and increasingly advanced vehicle parts, ensure that parts are available when and where they are needed, and to predict and fulfill demand.

Recently, disruptive sales channels and processes that had skirted past the auto industry are now presenting fresh challenges and opportunities. New players are coming into the fold, now is the time to act and get your business lined up for success in this digital world we all now live in.

Master Data Management and omni-channel are now essential concepts for businesses to stay competitive in the market. Today’s buyers desire not only a personalized buying experience but also the ability to receive custom products. In order for your business to provide this requirement to their ever-expanding customer base, the need for accurate and descriptive part along with the correct fitment data is an absolute must have. It’s a brave new world.

At Amplifi, we understand your needs. We know the make/year/model and parts complexities you face. We speak the industry standards like AutoCare, PIES, ACES, and NAPA files and understand the product and fitment data associated with them. We have helped other companies use digital transformation to turn industry disruption into something to celebrate rather than fear.

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