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It’s Time to Deliver the Content Your Partners, Retailers, and Customers Demand.

Today’s distributors require a proactive approach to mastering the data lifecycle – from procurement to distribution, marketing and e-commerce, all the way into service and support.

The proliferation of sales channels over the last decade has increased the volume of business information distributors must manage about their products, customers, and suppliers. In fact, a typical distribution enterprise routinely handles thousands, or even millions, of product SKUs.

Yet, too often, this information is acquired and managed via manual processes that increase the likelihood of duplication or data entry errors. These roadblocks are costly, decrease time-to-market, and can hinder the customer experience.

With MDM, distributors can master the complexities around content procurement, enrichment, and collaboration.

Through a single view of trusted data, distributors can build trust by simplifying transactions for their partners; quickly onboard products to catalogs; help internal teams collaborate across organizational lines; provide information in consumable and consistent formats; and, ultimately, give customers the rich content, price, and experiences they require.

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As brand manufacturers get closer their end-customers, they need advanced MDM capabilities the market requires.



Retailers can leverage enriched enterprise data to boost sales, drive loyalty, and deliver a personalized experience.


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