lululemon’s Journey to Digital and Operational Transformation

lululemon Chief executives in pursuit of greater market share, at lower operating costs, decided to bring their eCommerce operations in-house and redesign and replatform their website. This move allowed lululemon to avoid pending renewal fees from their outsourced commerce provider while empowering their in-house team to solely manage their commerce channel. Short on time and talent, lululemon reached out to Amplifi.


In order to jump-start the process to transform a fully outsourced model to an internally operated digital business, Amplifi crafted a customized eCommerce Operational Readiness Program for lululemon including advisory services for over 14 focus areas from building a commerce business unit for site-centric management, product and inventory management, capturing journal entries for accounts payable, order and return management to relocating and setting up two new warehouses for order fulfillment. And this readiness program was run in parallel to the technical development, integration, and launch of the new website.


A successful launch of a newly redesigned Oracle Commerce platform enabling lululemon to move away from their costly SaaS / Revenue Share model and take full advantage of a new suite of features the platform provided.
The internal staff was fully prepared to take on all aspects of managing their new digital business.
Commerce Service Center (CSC) was leveraged to enable call center agents to handle customer calls, modify orders, assist customers in placing orders and manage returns and exchanges.
Omnichannel program structure established to integrate store operations with the digital channel.
SEO results, conversion, and AOV Increased immediately post-implementation.
Revenue increased 150% in YOY sales in the first year.
Conversion from cart to checkout increased from 40% to 55% with checkout redesign.
Amplifi launched several subsequent releases including a second brand site, a B2B site, upgrade to a multi-site infrastructure that supports several international sites including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, UK/Europe, and Canada.
Through a phased and partnered approach, the client ultimately took over site management.

Services Rendered

  • eCommerce Readiness
    Full Site Redesign
    Implementation & Integration
    3rd Party Partner Management
    Business & Technical Cutover Strategy
    Technical Operations / Systems Support
    Program Management & Training
    Operational Readiness
    Product Management
    Warehousing and Inventory Management
    Fulfillment & Order Management
    Store Operations (BOPUIS / Returns)
    Finance & Accounting
    Asset Protection
    Customer Care
    HR / Hiring for eCommerce Organization


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