Genuine Parts Company

Genuine Parts Company, or GPC, is a major distributor of replacement parts for industrial machines, office products, electrical components, and, of course, automobiles with is NAPA brand.


Improve process of mapping NAPA Application Record to ACES Automotive Data Standard
Improve data accuracy and consistency of application records

Client Value

Amplifi provided a thorough analysis of existing data elements, business rules, and workflows and proposed new configuration for GPC’s Stibo Systems’ STEP solution to improve efficiencies

Key Features / Focus Area

Provided a a solution that will greatly enhance the mapping procedure taken prior to the Application Record Mapping process, with lots of room for growth and enhancement in the future
Developed a custom set of business rules to be configured in STEP Workbench to address GPC’s unique business case
When a brand-new record comes in to the system which has not previously been converted from one format to the other, GPC will have to conduct the mapping only once, and every subsequent mapping to the same application record would occur automatically by the system
Created a custom Web UI for business users to access and use that significantly decreased previous complexities


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