In the current eCommerce landscape, if your business is not digitally accessible everywhere, your business could be on the path of failure. With the changes in how we shop, and the attributes of the modern consumer, it’s not a suggestion but a MUST for businesses to be accessible online and digitally everywhere. This is where the digital shelf presents itself and where companies must take control of the online presence of products to succeed in this new era.

The Digital Shelf is something we’re all familiar with. But, if you’re not, the Digital Shelf is the collection of diverse and rapidly evolving digital touchpoints used by shoppers to engage with brands and discover, research, and purchase products. Every time you shop online whether it’s off Amazon or a sponsored link from your favorite influencer, you’re adding to your own digital footprint. These traces of data including the occasional window shop, how long you take on a site, and what you end up buying, are nuggets of gold for businesses. By utilizing these data morsels, sellers will be on their way to taking control of their digital shelf leading to optimal shopping experiences, customer loyalty, and a drive for maximum growth.

Product Experience

A crucial element of harnessing the digital shelf, is product experience.

Remember the last time you looked up a product on Amazon and had access to every single detail you never thought you’d need? This rich product content is typically the make it or break it part of a sale. No one wants to order a dining chair and end up receiving one that’s intended to be used in a dollhouse rather than around your lovely dining room table! By offering the important specs and making your content user-friendly, you’re creating a trustworthy shopping experience for your consumers.

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Take Control of the Digital Shelf

So how does one go about harnessing their data and taking control of their digital shelf?

Salsify and Amplifi provide product information management (PIM) to businesses in a seamless fashion. Salsify offers the insights that are necessary to enhance the performance of your products. With the help of analytics capabilities, these will tell you how your items are performing along with the reviews of your products, all tying back to your data. With these factors, you can figure out what is and isn’t working, whether it’s colorfully descriptive product names or adding an extra bullet point on your product listing.

What’s New at Salsify?

In 2020 Amplifi completed a full evaluation of the Salsify platform and wrote an engaging whitepaper to cover all the things we uncovered. With so much growth happening between both companies, we felt it necessary to publish an update for 2021 with additions that include some of the following:

  • Salsify continues to announce developments that elevate its ability to deliver continuously adaptive product experiences for digital commerce.
  • Amplifi’s Salsify Center of Excellence helps businesses utilize their Salsify technology to its full potential. Whether that be strategy/advisory on the best way to deploy PIM to building out the long-term roadmap to success or building the PIM Data Governance to transform the way product data is managed. With our strategic partnership, long-term goals and our portfolio of skilled resources dedicated to the successful delivery of Salsify projects we are excited about what the future holds. See a few of the services Amplifi offers users on the Salsify technology:
    • Salsify Admin Services
    • PIM Strategy
    • PIM Implementation
    • Digital Shelf Enablement
    • Complimentary PIM Services
      • Data Quality
      • Data Migration
      • Data Governance

Winning With Salsify

With a large variety of capabilities offered to help you win on the digital shelf by Salsify and Amplifi, it’s a ‘no-brainer’ when it comes to business value. Be sure to download a copy of the updated Under the Hood: Salsify PIM whitepaper evaluation and be sure to contact us when you’re ready for your products to start winning digitally.