Amplifi Under the Hood:

Salsify PIM

**Newly updated with information on both Salsify and Amplifi.**

As leaders in the MDM/PIM consultancy and implementation space, Amplifi has significant amount of experience working with different software platforms. After leading many dozens of tool selection and implementation projects, we developed a rigorous methodology for evaluating the features/functions of these platforms. We are excited to share these platform-specific insights with you through this with through this Under the Hood Series.

In this whitepaper, we highlight emerging trends and market changes that demand MDM/PIM platforms support new challenges and use-cases for mastering product data, we introduce our assessment methodology, and we share the results of our evaluation of Salsify’s core capabilities from the perspective of an Enterprise PIM. Download this paper to see Salsify’s scores for dozens of capabilities in three primary categories: Data Modeling, Data Governance, and Operational Readiness.