For decades, SAP has helped countless companies grow through the strategic use of technology. What started as a payroll and accounting tool has transformed into one of the most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions on the planet.

The power of SAP is undeniable, as is its complexity. Due to the data management challenges some companies experience when using SAP, Precisely (formerly Winshuttle) built a solution that helps businesses automate many of their SAP processes.

In this article, we’ll explain how Precisely Automate can help you streamline your experience with SAP and, ultimately, make your life easier.

We will also discuss how Amplifi, a strategic Precisely partner, can help you make the most of your Precisely Automate investment and get to value faster.

What is Precisely Automate?

As you probably know, SAP is an incredibly powerful software product. But it’s not always easy to use. Precisely Automate is designed to help you and your business users realize the full potential of SAP.

Precisely Automate does these via two unique products: Studio and Evolve.

  • Automate Studio: An Excel-compatible solution that allows users to interact with SAP in familiar interfaces. The platform automates data collection, validation, and movement, which helps you become more efficient in SAP data management tasks while improving data integrity and accuracy.
  • Automate Evolve: The only automation platform specifically designed to digitize strategic SAP data processes—like product launches, customer and vendor onboarding, GL account setup, and plant maintenance. The platform offers a unique combination of enterprise-grade automation, data stewardship, and deep SAP integration capabilities. It also includes Studio.

Data Challenges to Consider

SAP is a world-class ERP system. It has all the capabilities you need to track, manage, and automate your enterprise-level business.

It has so many bells and whistles, in fact, that companies often get overwhelmed by data process inefficiencies. This can lead to a host of problems, such as poor data quality and slow time to market. These problems are magnified by the sheer volume of data available to us all.

It’s predicted that by 2025, humans will store 200 zettabytes of data around the world. One zettabyte has 21 zeros, which means 200 zettabytes is an incredibly large number.

Your business only manages a tiny fraction of this global data, but it’s still enough to make anyone’s head spin. That’s why your business needs access to bulk uploading options and better process control, which will help you take care of the data that matters most.

How to Simplify Your Processes With Precisely Automate

Let’s dig a little deeper into how Precisely Automate helps you solve these SAP data management challenges.

Automate Studio is designed to boost SAP efficiency. The software works with Microsoft Excel to convert your daily SAP tasks—such as creating materials, customers, and vendors—into recordable and repeatable processes that can be done in bulk.

A good example of this is condition records updates: a feature often used to manage pricing conditions, which change all the time, at different levels of product. Updating pricing information is time-consuming. But with Studio, business users can automate the entire data management process.

Now let’s look at Automate Evolve.

Evolve is a no-code, low-code solution that’s designed for business teams. The solution helps these teams build modular solutions for a myriad of business processes and use cases, and scale their automation footprint over time.

With Evolve, you have complete visibility into what’s happening and when — and build robust workflows and forms inside SAP that enable you to optimize your business as you see fit. It also includes Automate Studio, which means you can get some quick wins with Excel-to-SAP automation.

Why are these capabilities so important?

Think about the effort it takes businesses to get products to market. There are so many people involved, decisions to make, data points to manage, and steps to take. But the speed of commerce won’t wait for you to catch up.

Evolve gives teams speed and agility — helping them stay on the same page, work from a single source of high-quality data, and operate with efficient and effective processes.

The best part about the Precisely Automate platform is its flexibility and scalability. Every company has different workflows. Fortunately, Precisely Automate is designed to handle all of them. If you can do it in SAP, you can do it better and more efficiently with Precisely Automate.

Automate With Amplifi

Precisely Automate is an excellent tool—especially if the magnitude of the SAP platform confuses or stresses you out. But how do you implement Precisely Automate and make sure that it’s really working for your company in the best possible way?

You need a partner that knows Precisely Automate inside and out — and that’s Amplifi.

As close Precisely partners with extensive experience in the platform, we’re uniquely qualified to help you implement and integrate Automate into your business.

After extensively working with Automate, we realized that every company is unique; however, many share very similar experiences. In fact, roughly 80% of the success factors we’ve identified are common across all companies.

We’ve taken this knowledge and built Automate accelerators to help you get to value fast. Our Evolve accelerators—including Customer Create, Customer Update, Vendor Create, and Vendor Update—help you build time-saving workflows in SAP at rapid speed.

We’ve built accelerators for Studio, too. These are designed to streamline specific processes related to finance and materials, with many more use cases to come.

What about your unique challenges?

You may be thinking: “If Amplifi accelerators can help me accomplish 80% of my tasks in SAP, what about the 20% of challenges that are unique to my business?”

The 80/20 rule may not be exact — but we do know that while many of your challenges are shared, others are specific to your business needs.

No matter where you are in your data management journey, Amplifi has you covered: from strategy, design, implementation, and support. We invite you to learn more about our unmatched expertise and approach here.

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