Program Design

Experience Quick Wins and Long-Term Results. 

We Help You Employ Tactical Activities That Lead to Major Milestones.

Taking on too much at once is often the downfall of data initiatives. Amplifi helps clients design a program that delivers value in stages with the strength to stay the course.

Once the strategic roadmap is in place, it’s time to get tactical with program design.

Constructing a program involves an iterative process of research, consultation, initial design, testing, and refinement. Amplifi helps businesses architect their end-to-end program with tactical activities and smaller – yet equally crucial – project milestones.

Our seasoned program and project management professionals help break down the broader initiative into manageable “value chunks” with the intent to drive more tangible and timely results. It’s a proven method for helping our clients experience quick wins to prove their ROI as well as long-term transformative results.

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We help you create a business blueprint representing your strategic plan, supported with a delivery roadmap to guide every step of your journey.



Crawl, walk, run is a strategic approach – but it means you can’t do everything at once. Amplifi helps you identify the initiatives that are most strategic for every stage.



Amplifi can help you define an MDM roadmap and strategy that will serve as a blueprint for Master Data in your Digital Transformation initiatives.

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With a good MDM strategy in place,  now it is time to deliver. We have implemented MDM projects of all shapes and sizes with a streamlined methodology to deliver business value FAST!

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Like Digital Transformation, Master Data Management is never “done.” We provide ongoing support of your MDM solution to grow with your business and continuously add incremental value.

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