End-User Training

MDM Adoption Requires a United Front. 

An Empowered User Often Makes the Best MDM Evangelist.

Amplifi works with clients to create customized training that boosts user adoption and ensures MDM becomes indispensable to your technology stack.

One of the primary risks to any enterprise MDM software initiative is user adoption. This is where your implementation can take flight or get grounded by a lack of understanding and support.

Through Amplifi’s experience in change management and software deployment, we work with our clients to tailor end-user training, leveraging proven approaches to boost adoption and ensure the new software becomes a staple in your technology stack.

We also know that teaching about the solution is only part of the equation. Understanding your audience and having a dynamic, interactive curriculum will ensure that your user community is fully ready for change. The result is a group of users that champion your new platform and spread the excitement of its benefits throughout your enterprise.

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Ready to get excited about MDM? From go-live through user-acceptance testing, we help onboard your users and get them familiar with the power of MDM.  



Whether it’s jumping in to resolve production issues or providing experts ondemand to support super users, our team is ready to answer your care requests. 



Amplifi can help you define an MDM roadmap and strategy that will serve as a blueprint for Master Data in your Digital Transformation initiatives.

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With a good MDM strategy in place,  now it is time to deliver. We have implemented MDM projects of all shapes and sizes with a streamlined methodology to deliver business value FAST!

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Like Digital Transformation, Master Data Management is never “done.” We provide ongoing support of your MDM solution to grow with your business and continuously add incremental value.

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