If you’ve ever made anything from a recipe, you know how important the main ingredients are. Without them, the dish just isn’t the same. Can you imagine Mac ‘n Cheese without the cheese? Pad Thai without the noodles? Chili without the meat or beans? It’s crazy to think about. Now, in the Data Management space, the Studio and Evolve products from Precisely are the equivalent of the ingredients to a successful recipe. Let’s talk about why.  

The Meat and Beans  

Think about it like this, Precisely Automate Studio is the baseline product that starts the data management recipe. At its core, it allows users to create, extract, or transform SAP data, but it does so with the ease and familiarity of applications that business users see and interact with every day. The ease of use lends itself to the analogy because the meat and beans are the key ingredients. They can be used in many ways, but they’re always consistent in bringing the familiar comfort food feel. And, just like those base ingredients, Studio’s foundation gives you a great platform to pivot and make any data management recipe you can imagine, just by changing the flavors along the way.  

Now let’s talk Precisely Automate Evolve. This is the other half of the main ingredients. If Studio is your beans, Evolve is your meat. Evolve is specifically designed with the rest of the recipe in mind. It provides the framework for building out any critical business process into a fully fleshed-out solution. With its ease-of-use, form interface, complex and robust workflow, and it’s even more familiar Excel-based solution, Evolve brings the whole package together for any data management need. Just like a great chili recipe that’s passed down from generation to generation, Evolve brings the entire family together to collect all the correct data and enhance your complete process.  

Adding Flavor 

As great as meat and beans can taste, they don’t make a complete dish when it comes to data management. To really make this concept pop, additional flavors are needed such as the cheese, onions, sauce, and more. Some exciting developments along this front have recently been released, and they’re primed to make the best chili in the market.  

New features in the Evolve product, including expanded API and third-party access and support, as well as enhanced accessibility to the Precisely EnterWorks product, promise to deliver just the flavor needed for businesses across many different industry verticals. The extra integration capabilities open the possibilities for many new use cases that will allow us to introduce flavors that have never been explored.  

In addition, external Portals that can be accessed by a customer’s partners, vendors, or customers are here! With minimal additional effort or security needed to setup access, external participants are now a possibility and can help request, refine, or complete portions of the recipe for success.  

Bringing It All Together  

So, let’s make some chili and keep your kitchen (data) clean at the same time! At Amplifi, we can help get your recipe ready for primetime. Data Management is what we do, and Precisely Automate (Studio and Evolve) are at the core.  

Reach out and we’ll help you write the best recipe for your data management chili (our new chili data management booklet is a definite must-read!)! Want to know more in the meantime? Contact us now.