Beans or No Beans?

How do you like your Data Management Chili?

Join the Amplifi team as they discuss winning recipes for your data strategy mix. This open forum discussion will review best practices and lessons learned from numerous implementations and client evaluations across multiple industries.

Learn how to integrate your data toolbox to provide maximum value to your business teams…and make a mean pot of chili with products from Winshuttle/Precisely.


John Phan

John Phan, Amplifi’s CRO, is a member of the global leadership team, responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive, cohesive sales, marketing and alliance strategy to achieve top-line revenue targets and growth for the firm.

Chris Colyar

Chris Colyar is the Chief Technology Officer at Amplifi.  He has been designing and implementing PIM/MDM projects for 10 years, starting out first working on the software vendor side, later transitioning to the consulting services side.

Eric Gilboe

Eric Gilboe is the EnterWorks Practice Director at Amplifi. He has 10+ years of experience with MDM as both consultant and product owner and has implemented PIM solutions across various industries

Casey Kolowinski

Casey is a business process automation expert with more than eight years of experience helping customers successfully develop and implement a multitude of solutions to drive business results, ensure clean data, and improve operational efficiency.