While everyone can agree that the meat and beans represent the foundation of any good chili, it’s the sauce that truly makes a recipe shine.

The Ingredients

Where Precisely Automate Studio and Evolve bring the meat and beans to your data recipe, Precisely’s EnterWorks PIM allows an organization to perfect the sauce.

So, what goes into an award-winning data sauce?  The possibilities are endless with EnterWorks PIM.

  • Want to add Customer or Location data to the mix? You can quickly create a data model recipe that incorporates these elements and ties them to the existing core product data (the meat and beans) provided by Evolve and Studio.
  • Do you want to mix a classic recipe from grandma (Vendor Product Data) and add a little cayenne pepper (your own PIM Attributes) to your mix? This can easily be accomplished using the EnterWorks PIM.
  • Do you need to publish your recipe to different regions with specific ingredients and information added or removed (data fields and elements)? The native syndication functionality can handle that task with ease.
  • Do you need to take in a sauce recipe written in a foreign language (XML or EDI) and change it into something you can use (Data Points in PIM)? EnterWorks PIM can support this as well.

Cooking Instructions

These ingredients are great for making the sauce, but the biggest advantage of the EnterWorks platform is the different ways you can resolve complex business challenges with processes and business rules.  Here are some tips and tricks to help your data recipe succeed.

Trying to figure out when to add the cayenne and when to just add more salt?

Do you find the team is waiting on legal (aka the cheese and onions) before they can complete their work and your chili is simmering too long before it’s ready to be tasted?

EnterWorks PIM includes expansive configurable workflows that can be tailored to your chili recipe. Couple that with all the available spices in the spice rack (SQL Rules, Basic Business Rules, Velocity Template Language Rules (VTL), Database Triggers, JAVA based business rules and triggers, etc.) and you have a combination that is sure to create the best sauce for your chili.


For the microwave chili cook, there are also available Rest API connections, Message Queue integrations, and multiple 3rd party connectors available to help spice up the sauce and get it to market (aka the County Fair) even faster than before.

Precisely EnterWorks PIM offers flexibility for all types of chefs, ensuring your date recipe turns out great regardless of your cooking skills.

Notes from the Chef

At the end of the day, it’s all in the sauce…And the sauce tastes better with EnterWorks PIM as one of the main ingredients.  At Amplifi, we can help build the best recipe for your organization. Reach out and we’ll put together a winning recipe for your team. Be sure to download our Making Data Chili booklet to learn the full recipe needed for award-winning chili and data management.