Case Study: Lessons in change management with top grocery chain

Amplifi specializes in assisting clients with establishing robust change management programs, essential for unifying and aligning teams effectively. We’ve got a great case study with a top grocery chain below, where we talk through our engagement supporting them with change management.

Sustaining legacy while driving change

These days it’s tough to find grocery stores with loyal customers. However, one high-end grocer based in the Northeast has become known for their incredible shopping experience. With a passion for providing customers with high quality products and unique experiences, the grocer had not only established a glowing reputation with consumers, but also established itself as one of the best companies to work for, ranking among the very best places to work for many years running.

With pride in the high level of employee satisfaction, the grocer was presented with a significant challenge when it began an initiative that required large scale changes. A year into a three-year project, it was clear to leaders in the organization that the very loyalty that had made people stay with the company for decades was also a driving force fostering internal resistance to change.

With employees hesitant to embrace all of the changes brought about by the project, it was critical for the grocer to not only acknowledge the shifts in technology, but also the impact on people, which has previously been overlooked.

A tactical approach to employee engagement

Amplifi was brought in by the grocer to help right the ship. Unfortunately, the end users had not been engaged early on in the project, so spending time with resources in order to open up lines of dialog at various levels of the organization was the first action item on the agenda for the team. With acute understanding of the pain points that existed, Amplifi had to figure out how to leverage the company culture to drive change.

Identifying respected employees within the organization to serve as champions for the cause was a critical task for the team. Identifying the areas of change management that the grocer was not handling well laid the foundation for Amplifi to create a plan to help the organization cultivate a functional and effective change management program.

The goals for the grocer were to:

  • Open lines of dialog at various levels of the organization.
  • Leverage company culture to drive change.
  • Cultivate a functional and effective change management program.

A four-pillar strategy for change management

Serving as a trusted advisor, Amplifi devised a comprehensive and satisfying solution for the grocer, addressing the four key areas of change management. First, Amplifi developed an engagement plan detailing specific actions for the grocer’s personnel, ensuring active participation and effective handling of change within the organization. Then, a communication plan was developed to establish the methods, messaging, and timelines for disseminating information about the project internally.

Additionally, a detailed measurements and analytics plan was put in place, outlining critical metrics and analytical methods. This plan enabled the grocer to precisely assess the effectiveness of both Amplifi’s recommended change management practices and the project as a whole. Finally, a well-defined training plan was introduced to equip the company’s staff with the necessary knowledge and skills for the new processes and tools related to the project. This comprehensive approach ensured a seamless and effective transition for the grocer.

Through a series of two four-week engagements, Amplifi provided the grocer with a series of substantial benefits that included empowerment to move forward, engaged end users, and a better outlook on the project after being equipped with executable method to manage change. After working with Amplifi, the company opted to employ a similar exercise to tackle change management for other in-flight projects. Recognizing the importance of people within the organization, the grocer remained true to their heralded reputation by engaging Amplifi for change management and remaining a top- notch place to work.

Wrapping it up

This strategic partnership led to a more positive outlook on the project, demonstrating the power of effective change management in aligning organizational goals with practical, impactful actions. Amplifi provided the grocer with a series of substantial benefits that included empowerment to move forward, engaged end users, and a better outlook on the project after being equipped with executable methods to manage change.

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