Guide: Inside the mind of an Online Shopper – 5 key insights

At this time of increased uncertainty, it’s crucial for brands to give consumers exactly what they want. 

But what do they want?

Inriver’s latest research takes a deep dive into the mind of an online shopper, exploring the needs of online consumers and how brands can use product information to turn browsers into buyers. Here, our experts have considered the full report, and have summarized their 5 key insights. 

What’s in the guide?

The report, “Inside the Mind of an Online Shopper,” surveyed 6,000 online consumers across US, UK, and Germany to gather their experience shopping online. Our data experts here at Amplifi found this report insightful and we wanted to share key takeaways – our top 5 include a discussion of:

  • The savvy shopper era
  • If brand loyalty is still relevant
  • Essential product information
  • Shouting about eco-credentials
  • The rise of returns

Download our takeaways from the report here, and if you’d like to take to one of our data experts about any form of PIM or data management, please get in touch today.