ESG on the Manufacturing Conveyor Belt: How Master Data Management Can Make a Difference

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In an era where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a defining principle, manufacturers are faced with the critical task of aligning their operations with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. ESG represents a transformative framework that assesses the impact of a company’s sustainable and ethical practices on its financial performance and operations.

Manufacturers seeking access to capital should consider the following: investors who value ESG practices are growing in number and influence. Recently, Bloomberg reported a record $120 billion invested sustainably in 2021, while federal and state regulators increasingly require organizations to comply with stringent ESG-related targets – from carbon emissions to gender-equal pay.

Register to access this insightful webinar where we delve into the core elements of ESG and how they are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, right from the heart of the process—the manufacturing conveyor belt. Our panelists will explore how faster and better data can lead to better decision-making for ESG initiatives. Top organizations are increasingly prioritizing ESG, but they should approach it from a data-driven mindset, ensuring a positive impact.

Key points covered:

  • Environmental impact: Discover how manufacturers are optimizing their energy usage, conserving natural resources, and implementing efficient waste management practices – bringing in a greener tomorrow.
  • Embracing social responsibility: Uncover the importance of fostering fair labor practices, supporting diversity and inclusivity, and ensuring the health and safety of employees within manufacturing organizations – all while the conveyor belt keeps production moving.
  • Governance principles for transparency: Learn how effective governance structures, risk management procedures, and compensation policies can bolster manufacturing companies’ accountability and sustainability efforts.
  • Tracking data governance and compliance: Understand the significance of data governance in aligning with ESG principles, and how to establish robust data governance frameworks to track and analyze ESG-related data across various business units.
  • Driving progress with ESG: Discover how aligning with ESG principles leads to increased competitiveness, enhanced brand reputation, and stronger investor relations, all while fostering a more sustainable future.

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Webinar Panelists

Casey Kolowinski

Semarchy Practice Director

Ehi Binitie

MDM Consultant

Steven Lin

Product Marketing Manager