Steven Lin is the Product Marketing Manager @ Semarchy - a leader in master data management and data integration. His experienced background as a Technology Transformation & Strategy Consultant @ EY has helped global Fortune 500 companies modernize their enterprise by leveraging data. Steven brings this wealth of large-scale strategic thinking to clients looking to overcome the challenges of their critical information assets and unlock their value with an agile, unified data platform.

Mike Evans is Chief Innovation Officer at Amplifi.

He is responsible for ensuring the evolution of Amplifi’s service offering to continuously achieve excellence in delivering modern data ecosystems to our clients.

If you would like to speak with Mike about Data Fabric in your organization, please fill out our contact form below.

François-Xavier “FX” Nicolas is responsible for all aspects of the success of Semarchy products from specification to introducing them to the market.

FX was the Principal Product Manager for Oracle Fusion Middleware, in charge of the data integration product portfolio. Prior to Oracle, he was a Product Manager at Sunopsis.

Besides being our in-house expert on all things Semarchy, FX is a father of three, a husband, lives near Lyon, has over 14 years of Aïkido martial arts experience, and is an avid gamer.

Casey Kolowinski, a Practice Director, is a business process automation expert with more than ten years of experience helping customers successfully develop and implement a multitude of solutions to drive business results, ensure clean data, and improve operational efficiency.