Operating Model

A Healthy Program Hinges on People and Processes. 

When it Comes to Your Data Governance, Cadence and Collaboration Are Key.

Amplifi helps you define a successful operating model that keeps communication flowing, data clean, and user adoption high.

Your Data Governance Program will only ever be as strong as the people and processes supporting it, regardless of the technology you choose to put in place.

That means establishing clear, open lines of communication up and down your organization is a crucial step. Empowering your boots-on-the-ground data stewards to escalate data quality concerns to the correct audience helps ensure a speedy, strategically-sound resolution. Furthermore, regular meeting cadence and engagement with key leadership stakeholders drives the adoption of new processes and standards, creates ownership and accountability, and opens essential lines of dialogue to discuss organization-wide objectives and strategies.

Amplifi helps businesses define an effective operating model for Data Governance that monitors, responds, and adapts to the impacts and implications throughout the data lifecycle.

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Our goal is to help ensure you don’t drift back to the old ways of data management issues. We’ll assess your current state and help define what’s needed across people, processes, and tools.



How will you structure roles and responsibilities?  What challenges will users face? When and how will a council be formed? We help you construct a holistic program – including the things youve thought of, and the things you havent.



Creating a framework for data quality is an essential step – yet also daunting. With proven methodology, we’ll build from bestpractice templates and create a custom-fit framework that meets your needs. 


Strategy & Advisory

We work with our clients to understand your business vision and objectives, allowing us to curate a data strategy that compliments your goals. We provide a future state vision with concise requirements and the frameworks to make the right technology selection for you, alongside the organizational change roadmap required for you to become a data-driven organization.

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System Integration

Amplifi has become the most trusted name globally for the successful delivery of MDM and Data Quality solutions. Our delivery methodology is focused on all the key aspects that make data initiatives successful, focusing on not just the technology implementation but the required change initiative and the supporting quality metrics also ensuring your project success is measurable. Data projects always fail don’t they? Not ours.

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People see data initiatives as projects, but in fact there is a long-term operation that needs to be run and evolve with your changing business. We provide 2nd and 3rd line configuration support to our MDM and Data Quality solutions. This allows for routine small change packages, new data quality requests and organizational health checks to ensure the long-term success of your initiative.

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