Data Governance Assessment

Don’t Drift Back to the Old Ways of Data Management. 

We Help Determine How Deep and Wide You Need to Go.

With a current state assessment, Amplifi helps provide an objective review of the people, processes, and tools that should define your future state of Data Governance.

In order to maximize your organization’s return on investment, you must clearly understand the business drivers behind the push for Data Governance. This often includes the risks associated with bad data, the value derived from good data, and the costs of prolonging data lifecycles. Acute understanding of these key factors defines the future state of your Data Governance Program, including how deep and wide you need to go.

Before you can achieve this future state, however, you must begin with a realistic assessment of the people, processes, and technology involved in your master data lifecycles today. This critical ‘current state assessment’ serves as a guide to prioritize areas of investment and create a plan of attack to execute your Data Governance Program.

Amplifi has incredible depth of experience in leading Assessment and Strategy engagements. Our credible, third-party perspective provides an objective view of your current state needs and challenges. From there, we will help you build out a plan to overcome those obstacles and extract the most value out of your clean, high-quality data.

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How will you structure roles and responsibilities?  What challenges will users face? When and how will a council be formed? We help you construct a holistic program – including the things youve thought of, and the things you havent.



Creating a framework for data quality is an essential step – yet also daunting. With proven methodology, we’ll build from bestpractice templates and create a custom-fit framework that meets your needs. 



Digital transformation affects everyone. Amplifi will help you define a successful operating model that keeps data clean and adoption high.  



Amplifi can help you define an MDM roadmap and strategy that will serve as a blueprint for Master Data in your Digital Transformation initiatives.

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With a good MDM strategy in place,  now it is time to deliver. We have implemented MDM projects of all shapes and sizes with a streamlined methodology to deliver business value FAST!

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Like Digital Transformation, Master Data Management is never “done.” We provide ongoing support of your MDM solution to grow with your business and continuously add incremental value.

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