Current State Business Assessment

Lets Look Under the Hood. 

Front-End Preparation is the Key to Long-Term Success.

Amplifi works with your team to formulate a realistic view of your organization’s readiness, maturity, and tactically identify gaps to address.

Before undertaking a transformational program, it is essential to look under your organization’s hood and holistically gauge how key program elements such as data, governance, change management, and technology are thought about and approached today. Each of these variables will have a material impact on a program’s success over time.

Through a Current State Business Assessment, Amplifi can provide a realistic view of your organization’s level of readiness and maturity, and tactically identify any gaps in your current state landscape.

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Level of adoption can make a data management program wildly successful – or, slow it down. Amplifi helps clients put a foundational change management program in place to unite and align their teams. 



Training is less about technology and more about people. Amplifi provides methodologies, workshops, hands-on training, and structured user guides that are custom-fit for a client’s individual business challenges and goals.



Every effective MDM implementation needs a baseline, goals, and metrics to track the progress on your journey. Our team will help you put the right parameters in place to justify your aspirations, and to show and share your success.


Strategy & Management Consulting

Amplifi can help you define an MDM roadmap and strategy that will serve as a blueprint for Master Data in your Digital Transformation initiatives.

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Solution Delivery

With a good MDM strategy in place,  not is it time to deliver. We have implemented MDM projects of all shapes and sizes with a streamlined methodology to deliver business value FAST!

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System Optimization

Like Digital Transformation, Master Data Management is never “done.” We provide ongoing support of your MDM solution to grow with your business and continuously add incremental value.

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