Channels & Syndication

Deliver PIM-Powered Data Consistently Across Channels. 

We Help You Meld People, Process, and Technology for Successful Syndication.

Amplifi helps clients untangle the data web and ensure synchronized product data is shared seamlessly across touchpoints.

Seamless data syndication is vital in today’s omnichannel world. Yet, it’s a complicated undertaking. Every channel has unique rules and formats – whether it be Google, your website, social media, online marketplaces, GDSN data pools, and beyond. The ever-moving target of data requirements from your channel partners can also make it difficult to enforce data governance.

These challenges have led many organizations to pursue PIM. Leveraging PIM technology, channel-specific exports are created to improve speed-to-market and help you meet each channel’s data requirements. Channel Readiness functionality also allows for visualization of data and evaluation of data quality.

We understand that channel management can be a daunting task for any organization. Amplifi helps clients untangle the web of data exchange and syndication while keeping an eye on long-term operational governance. Understanding the most efficient technical delivery mechanisms to your channels is just as important – let Amplifi help you marry the people, processes, and technology you need for successful channel syndication initiatives.

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Like Digital Transformation, Master Data Management is never “done.” We provide ongoing support of your MDM solution to grow with your business and continuously add incremental value.

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