The Importance of Data – Precisely Automate

Start your engines!

We’re starting off this series in first gear and will have you racing to get your automations implemented as soon as possible.

In the first part of our webinar series, Callum MacBurnie (Global Vice President of Alliances), Casey Kolowinski (Precisely Automate Practice Director) and Madison Silva (Solution Consultant) will introduce Precisely Automate and how you how it can fit into your current Master Data and SAP Processes.

Throughout the next few weeks, our webinars will walk you through Precisely Automate (Studio and Evolve), as well as how Amplifi will support you throughout the implementation process.

We’re happy you’re here. Feel free to get in touch if you have any additional questions about this series!

Curious to learn more about Precisely Automate?

We’ve got your back, we created a booklet that gives you a step by step process on how Precisely and Amplifi can help streamline your SAP process to get value quickly.

Download our guide ‘Streamline Your SAP Processes with Precisely’…

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