Webinar: Building and Maintaining Your Data House

Love or list your data house

This webinar explores how Data Governance, Data Quality, and Data Migration affect your data house and when deciding to Love it or List it with your data. View our panel of exerts: 

  • Elliott Clarkson, VP of Global Marketing
  • Chris Colyar, Chief Technology Officer
  • Mike Evans, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Arun Chandar, VP of Data Management

As they artfully navigate this topic with as many data house analogies as possible, giving real-life experiences and examples to lead to better understanding.  

What’s in this webinar?

So we’ve been talking about getting your data house in order for the past few weeks. Now let’s see what our experts have to say about it.

Do you need a renovation? Complete demo? Or do you need to move to a completely new home? Amplifi is here to help to discuss how to build a soundly structured home, keep it clean, and optimize it for your needs.

Key takeaways:

  • Getting Your Data House in Order
  • Building Stronger Data Governance
  • Sprucing Up Your Data Quality
  • Smooth Transitions with Data Migration

Fill out the form to access the full webinar, or if you’ve got a burning question about how Amplifi can help you decide to Love it or List it, get in touch!

Our Panel of Professionals

Mike Evans

Chief Innovation Officer

Chris Colyar

Chief Technology Officer

Arun Chandar

VP, Data Management