Utilizing GDSN in Salsify

Discussion around using GDSN within the Salsify platform. We discuss what GDSN is as well as why so many use it. Accompanied by use cases and an in-tool demonstration, you’ll see how easy things can be to use and operate.
Learn from our industry experts as they answer submitted questions.


Ametra Tipton

Ametra is a Salsify Practice Director here at Amplifi with years of experience working in the MDM space. Ametra is responsible for diving into new technology platforms to not only understand feature functions but also how to solve client use cases leveraging new partnerships, as well as the internal enablement of delivery and sales for new platforms. In addition to her duties as a Practice Director, Ametra is a Principal Consultant responsible for successful deliveries across Amplifi’s portfolio. Prior to joining Amplifi, Ametra held the title of Solution Consultant as well as Quality Assurance Analyst at Stibo Systems. She also has experience working in the Information Assurance industry from her time as a Senior Solution Architect at NCC Group, where she focused on pre-sales engagements and delivery.

JP Graves

JP is a solution consultant that has been with Amplifi for over a year and has worked with nearly a dozen Salsify clients to help ensure successful adoption of the Salsify platform and implement a solution for every client’s unique needs.

John Apicella

Product Manager leading GDSN program at Salsify. With roughly 6 years of experience in the GDSN and e-commerce space, John got his start at Salsify in 2015 initially on the implementation side of the customer success team, before eventually transitioning to product to focus on connections and ultimately leading the buildout, launch, and adoption of Salsify’s GS1 Certified GDSN Data Pool.