Guiding Data Transformation with Integrations in STEP

Having an MDM system implemented isn’t enough today. You have to constantly be prepared to handle new target systems as part of the channel syndication strategy for your products. Integrations, when properly set up, can save you tons of time while maintaining data accuracy, integrity, and continuity.
Learn from our industry experts as they bring their experience to the table to help you learn and grow.


Chris Colyar

Chris is North America’s Chief Technology Officer for Amplifi. He has been designing and implementing PIM/MDM projects for 10 years across a variety of markets, industries, domains, and technologies. His focus is to understand business users’ goals and guiding them through incremental successes to achieve them.

Jayesh Kondapuram

Jayesh is a Senior Solution Architect at Amplifi. He has been designing, developing and deploying MDM solutions across many domains like Product, Vendor, Raw Materials, Customer, Automotive for more than 10 years and has thoroughly enjoyed his journey in the ever-changing MDM landscape.

Mike Evans 

Mike is Chief Technology Officer for Europe and is the custodian of Comma’s service catalogue and is accountable for the method, process and quality standards to ensure consistency of approach, enabling Comma to scale whilst still delivering high-quality output. Capability is responsible for defining best practice and for designing the methodologies to be deployed as part of Comma’s training academy.

Catherine Cherry – Senior Business Consultant: Comma

Catherine is a passionate and analytical business consultant. She possesses a wealth of experience across different industries, specialising in several aspects of data management including Data Analysis, Data Modelling, Data Architecture, Data Governance, MDM Design & Implementation and Data Quality.