Understanding Data Model & Taxonomy in Stibo Systems

Our experts discussed the differences between blue and yellow folders within the StiboSystems platform and took a deep dive into creating taxonomies that are dependent while explaining and comparing uses for user types and super types.

This webinar recording was presented as a part of the Ask the Experts webinar Series on July 23, 2020


Robert Freimuth

Robert is a Principal Solution Consultant with experience in business process design, technology, and solution deployment. He has successfully implemented solutions for many Fortune 500 organizations in Automotive, Manufacturing, Retail, and the Oil and Gas industries.

Jayesh Kondapuram

Jayesh is a Senior Solution Architect at Amplifi. He has been designing, developing and deploying MDM solutions across many domains like Product, Vendor, Raw Materials, Customer, Automotive for more than 10 years and has thoroughly enjoyed his journey in the ever-changing MDM landscape.

Chris Colyar

Chris is the Chief Technology Officer at Amplifi. He has been designing and implementing PIM/MDM projects for 10 years across a variety of markets, industries, domains, and technologies. His focus is to understand business users’ goals and guiding them through incremental successes to achieve them.