Guide: 6 Steps for CPG Data Transformation

The CPG market moves fast. So should your data.

CPG teams are an agile bunch. You know what it’s like to work under tight deadlines, across a myriad of brands and siloed systems. But it’s hard to keep up the pace of innovation without easy access to the data you need.

You’ve likely heard that master data management (MDM) can ease these challenges. But in the ultra-competitive CPG market, you need more than a single source of truth. That’s why it’s vital to pursue data transformation from the inside out.

What’s in the guide?

Need help starting your data transformation, or ramping up what you’re already doing? Our new guide shares six steps to implement a well-executed data program across your enterprise.

You’ll learn:

  • How to take advantage of the fastest-growing CPG channels
  • Ways to improve collaboration during M&A and product innovation
  • Ideas for optimizing your supply chain and sustainability
  • Tips for applying a “less stress” strategy to help your teams thrive

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