Whatever product data you manage, PIM is a must

Why? Because whether you’re manufacturing, selling or distributing products, having a single source of truth for product data is critical for managing product information within your business.

Successful product information management (PIM) enables you to rely on product data to steer business strategies, optimize customer experiences and give you a seamless master source of data to effectively organize, edit, analyze and export every aspect of product data your business needs.

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What is Product Information Management?

Product data that delivers a single version of the truth

PIM is the process of managing your business’ product data. It enables you to centralize your product information and ensure you have a single, dependable source of data: also known as ‘a single version of the truth’.

Effective PIM is vital to any business looking to use product content or data to manage omni-channel strategies, deliver excellent customer experience, reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance analytics to make critical business decisions.

It’s more important than ever, since Brexit regulatory changes and the pandemic, for brands to know not just what is in their product, but where it comes from and who made it. This is also especially important in an age where the sustainability and ethics of a brand’s supply chain are under a microscope.

Who needs PIM?

Any business that makes or sells products inevitably deals with product data and can therefore benefit from a PIM strategy and, potentially, a PIM tool to improve both product data and customer experience.

The management platform is particularly useful for businesses selling via multiple channels: for instance, a retailer with an eCommerce platform and in-store sales, or a restaurant chain with app ordering and table service. The need doesn’t stop there though…

  • Pubs & Restaurants

  • Retail & eCommerce

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Construction, Manufacturing, and Engineering

  • Distributors and Suppliers

  • Or any company with product data…

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Why do you need PIM?

With an effective PIM strategy in place, you can ensure that your product data holds the same information wherever it is accessed, creating a seamless experience for your colleagues but also your customers. But why is that important? A PIM can…

Improve customer experience, increasing product sales and strengthening brand reputation

Create a trusted master source of product data for all systems, departments and market syndication

Increase productivity by automating data processes, freeing up resources for data enrichment and optimization

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Amplifi are here to help! If you would like to know more about the services we provide around PIM, or data management in general, fill out the form and one of our data experts will be in touch.

Who have Amplifi helped?

We have experience of designing, implementing and enhancing data management solutions from leading technology vendors, for all different types of industries. We have formed strategic partnerships to help the brands below ensure their data and product information management is world-class.

Making the most of your product data

Amplifi offers PIM solutions at every step of the journey, to facilitate PIM initiatives that drive business goals, not just an isolated data agenda. We have a wealth of experience advising clients in virtually every sector on the best PIM solution for their goals, and a range of partnerships with leading technology vendors, including Stibo Systems, Salsify, & EnterWorks.

Strategy & Advisory

Do you know what you’re trying to achieve with your product data, and whether PIM is the right solution for your business? Is your data is ready for PIM implementation?

Amplifi gives vendor-neutral practical, actionable advice at every stage of your PIM journey, from assessing the solution you need, to planning your strategy.

Consultancy & Delivery

With so many options on the market, how do you know which PIM tool is best for your business and how can you effectively and seamlessly implement it?

Amplifi’s consultancy services put your commercial goals at the heart of the vendor selection process, enabling you to make an informed decision on your software.


Do you have a PIM solution, but need to keep it in line with evolving business objectives? Need to ensure the ongoing quality of your data and that your PIM is working to its full potential?

Amplifi offers a range of PIM support services to make sure your PIM solution stays relevant and useful to your business in its functionality and capability.

5 Benefits of a PIM Solution

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Having a master source of product data is critical for managing product information within your business. The tips in this guide aim to show you the benefits of a PIM solution, how a business case can be built across departments and how effective PIM can be to add real, tangible value.