Why Choose Amplifi as your Precisely Partner?

Amplifi and Precisely bring together a combined approach to driving better business through better data. By pairing superior technology with our data consultancy services, we are able to harmoniously enhance data solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Precisely EnterWorks

Precisely EnterWorks is an enterprise-grade PIM, DAM, and MDM data hub that enables you to compete and thrive in today’s digital economy—across all your channels.


Aggregate and manage product content across all business applications to create seamless and differentiated experiences that drive your business.

Multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM)

Integrate enterprise databases and applications to create a “golden record” for your strategic data assets across your systems to enable timely and accurate decision-making.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Automatically generate versions of content across multiple applications to maintain cross-channel consistency, both in print and online.

Workflow and Collaboration

Deploy a robust set of workflow management tools to enable, automate, and enforce best practices in data and content integration and flow across multiple sources, applications, and enterprises.

Precisely Automate

To have a great foundation for success with data across your SAP landscape, accurate and automated transactional data is everything.

Precisely provides that essential foundation for its SAP customers with their Studio and Evolve suites. These solutions help you streamline your existing SAP business processes, improve data quality, and meet your compliance goals all in one place. The platform helps you:

  • Automate any SAP process
  • Choose the front end that makes sense for your process (web forms or Excel)
  • Bring your data governance policies to life

Automate Evolve

Evolve’s technology enables you to gain value quickly through high-performance, rich-featured SAP capabilities that help digitize your complex SAP business processes. Amplifi has a team of industry experts who can provide the advice, implementation skills and on-going support and enhancement you need to make your initiative a long-term success.

Automate Studio

Training every functional employee to use SAP or finding temporary workers with SAP experience can be a difficult and expensive exercise. Automate Studio eliminates this challenge by being the premier Excel-to-SAP solutions platform, enabling business users to automate complex SAP business processes and make mass data changes quickly, simply, and securely from within Excel.

Whether you need support developing an MDM Roadmap & Strategy, help implementing a new MDM project or supporting a solution you already have in place, we have you covered.


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