All of your data in a single, governed source

With an effective master data management (MDM) strategy, you can ensure that your data always displays a single version of the truth across every channel, function and system in your business. Yet, to achieve a single, governed source of data – and the business benefits it brings – you need more than just MDM technology. Our team of MDM experts can provide the advice, implementation skills and ongoing support and enhancement you need to make any MDM initiative a long-term success.

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The world is full of data, but it’s how you select, organize and interpret that information that determines its business value…

It structures a way for organizations to coordinate, design and mature their data management to support those strategic objectives. It could mean maturing your existing data capabilities or designing wholly new capabilities, which might include evolving the data operating model, optimizing the data architecture, or providing a roadmap of projects and initiatives to drive change in data management.

Why do you need MDM?

Managing master data effectively means improving the consistency and quality of business-critical data such as product data, asset data, customer data, employee data and location data. But why is that important?

Creating a ‘Single version of the truth’

Creating and maintaining a single trusted source for all of your data across your business ensures that data is not siloed in different areas, but instead that it represents the most accurate and up-to-date records that can be accessed and shared across the business.

Determining the ownership of the data

Where data is being shared by a number of parties across your business, having a rigorous and documented ownership and stewardship process is essential. Assigning responsibility ensures that your business is able to trust it and use that data when making critical decisions.

Focusing on continuing high-quality data

MDM is focused on high-quality data, meaning all aspects of the process will require ongoing monitoring. Specific data quality dimensions are critical, and common data governance rules and themes must be agreed to ensure that the MDM continues to support business objectives.

What are the benefits of MDM?

With a comprehensive MDM strategy, and the right MDM solution to support it, you can:

  • Improve efficiency with data

  • Benefit from better customer or product information

  • Explore digital innovations, from e-commerce initiatives to personalization

  • Improve insight and decision making

  • Drive competitive advantage and efficiency

  • Reduce risk and comply to regulatory compliance with ease

  • Fuel better outcomes for new initiatives further along the data value chain

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How do mixing cocktails and Master Data Management match up?

Download our MDM Mixoloy guide.

Successful data management is all in the mixing. It’s like making the perfect cocktail. Master Data Management can work wonders for your business – but only if it’s underpinned by the right strategy. It’s nothing short of an exact science – and must be taken seriously if you want what comes out to be worth drinking…

Overcoming your data challenges

Amplifi offers MDM services at every step of the journey, to facilitate MDM solutions that drive business goals, not just an isolated data agenda. We have a wealth of experience advising clients in virtually every sector on the best MDM solution for their goals, and a range of partnerships with leading technology vendors, including those above.

Strategy & Advisory

You know you have issues with your data, but how do you know what course of action, and technological investment, is right for your unique business needs?

Amplifi offers a range of MDM advice services including Data Project Diagnosis, Data Project Readiness Assessment and Data Strategy.

Consultancy & Delivery

You’re ready to embark on an MDM initiative – but what’s the best tool for your business, and how can you implement it effectively?

Amplifi can provide a vendor-neutral framework to assist you in your evaluation and selection of appropriate MDM technology, as well as MDM integration and implementation.


You’ve implemented the technology for your MDM solution, now how can you make sure you’re utilizing it to drive your business goals?

Amplifi offers a range of support services that make sure your MDM solution stays relevant and useful to your business – from day-to-day functionality to helping your MDM evolve with your business objectives.

How can Amplifi help?

Have you got MDM challenges that mean you can’t get the most out of your data?

Whichever stage of the master data management journey you’re on, Amplifi can support you.