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Welcome to our groundbreaking webinar series. In today’s data-driven world, harnessing the power of ESG data has become crucial for organizations seeking to make a significant impact on sustainability. This series is designed to cut through the noise surrounding ESG data, providing you with the knowledge, insights, and practical strategies to navigate this transformative landscape successfully.

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A Partnership Showcase for Good

Join us for this transformative webinar series as we revolutionize the way you approach ESG data, empowering you to rise above the noise and unlock its full potential for driving sustainable change. Whether you are an ESG professional, sustainability champion, investor, or business leader, this series will equip you with the tools and insights needed to leverage ESG data effectively and make a lasting impact. Get ready to embark on the ESG Data Revolution and position yourself at the forefront of sustainable success.

Sustainably Stylish: Fashioning a Greener Future for Apparel Brands

We’ll dive into the challenges faced by the fashion industry and the implications for sustainability. Our experts, thought leaders in the field, will discuss innovative principles and responsible supply chains to inspire and empower industry professionals.

Ametra Tipton

Carla El Gawly

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Accelerating ESG Impact with Automotive Data

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are increasingly shaping the business landscape, and the automotive industry plays a vital role in driving sustainable change. In this webinar, we will explore how leveraging automotive data can accelerate ESG impact and foster a more sustainable future for the industry.

Michael Ayanwale

James Van Pelt

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ESG Integrity Elevated by Data Governance and Data Quality

We delve into the critical intersection of ESG integrity, data governance, and data quality. This webinar aims to empower professionals across industries with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the ESG landscape successfully.  

Eric Gilboe

Mike Ortmann

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ESG on the Manufacturing Conveyor Belt: How Master Data Management Can Make a Difference

Gain a comprehensive understanding of ESG and its profound influence on the manufacturing industry, as we explore the very heart of manufacturing—the conveyor belt—and how it can symbolize our collective journey towards a sustainable and responsible future. Join us in shaping a better tomorrow through ESG-driven practices in manufacturing, right on the conveyor belt of progress.

Casey Kolowinski

Ehi Bitinie

Steven Lin

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Demystifying ESG and Why You Should Care

Discover why ESG is becoming a non-negotiable aspect of managing your data effectively, regardless of your industry. This webinar aims to demystify ESG data, shedding light on its relevance and why it should be on your radar in North America.

Chris Colyar

Matt Cawsey

Simon Tuson

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