A complete provider of wire, cable and wire management needs IEWC Global takes a “Your Team” approach that offers an unparalleled customer experience that will support the success of their customer’s projects. This approach is similar to ours at Amplifi, so when they inquired with a need to enable Ecommerce, increase product portfolio size and geographic reach, as well as consolidate disparate product information as a result of acquisitions, we agreed that working with IEWC would be a perfect fit.

IEWC’s product portfolio was demand driven and product information was only used to drive ERP functions. Information on the corporate website about products the company distributed was years old and they had no ability to sell online. Additionally, IEWC had no way to request, store or use enhanced product information from suppliers, which impacted relationships with suppliers and slowed time-to-market.


Amplifi’s consultants implemented a Product Information Management (PIM) system to serve as the single source of truth for product information as well as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to streamline associating product images and videos with master records for easy enhancement and syndication. The ability to manage product content in a single, central location and publish that content to multiple channels with a single touch, provided IEWC with the confidence that all content would be up-to-date and accurate on all channels.

We established an enterprise product data model to consolidate and govern product information from various sources, which allowed IEWC’s Product Managers the ability to create and implement commerce presentation attributes.

And, to improve the relationship with IEWC’s supply chain, we developed a vendor collaboration process and implemented tools to allow suppliers the opportunity to proactively onboard a product catalog and product changes. Once implemented, the tools will allow IEWC to request and manage enhanced product information directly from each of its suppliers.

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