Exxact Corporation, a leading, global, value-added supplier of computing products and solutions, recognized that servicing many of world’s top national labs, research universities, online retailers, and Fortune 100 & 1000 companies as they did require a significant increase of product assortment. However, Exxact was concerned about adding manual overhead that came with managing such a high volume of configurable product information with many variables.


Our Information Management practice implemented technology & business processes that allow Exxact to consolidate and reconcile product information from a variety of sources (data pools, suppliers & product managers) in order to present a single and trusted source of product truth to other enterprise functions, including commerce. Previously data was passed through to an ERP system without the ability to easily manage quality, consistency, and uniqueness since most of the data was managed in spreadsheets manually.


The improved accuracy of product information and a single source of truth for all-consuming business processes allowed Exxact to provide their customers with the high-quality information that improved sales. For the first time, Exxact was able to acquire product data from various sources (often disparate data on the same product) and consolidate and reconcile the data electronically, which allowed them to dramatically increase their sellable assortment online. 

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