Creating an Ecommerce experience for Claire’s involved more than a software implementation. As a greenfield client with a targeted audience, Claire’s was looking for an interactive, fun and exciting way to engage a younger audience. The implementation also had to accommodate future growth, including new brands and international expansion. Amplifi’s full range of agency services, including User Experience and Creative offerings, coupled with our Ecommerce proficiency made us the perfect partners to guide and assist Claire’s in this new venture.

Changing the online experience from a brand only site to a full Ecommerce implementation, with one of the most sophisticated platforms, created a scenario we’re familiar with at Amplifi. The business was consulted on the technology, creating a commerce organization, and eventually operations.  Additionally, the business required that the site was built in such a way that allowed for an efficient path to support its global customers.


We provided technical and user experience consultants to design and build site assets. Collaborating with Claire’s agency of record, we created an engaging and content-rich online experience targeted to engage a younger audience. A clean, journalistic design and the ability to share fashion trends and topics socially were the focal points of the site design and implementation. After the successful launch of, site management and maintenance was outsourced to Amplifi’s Managed Services department, freeing valuable internal resources to begin working on their second successful website launch: The second site utilizes ATG’s personalization features to create a distinct brand designed to appeal to a distinctly different target audience.


With the launch of a successful new revenue stream and fully integrated order and inventory management systems, the business was ready for international commerce capable of expanding into global markets.  The business was finally ready to focus on selling versus software development.

Services Rendered

Oracle Commerce Implementation
Digital Strategy
User Experience Design
Business Enablement
Managed Services
Added Features
Social Integration

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