Before the evolution of the Internet and digital innovation, traditional shopping concepts were different. Producers of various brands did not have to worry about online functions, which could either promote or deteriorate a brand. Nowadays, the landscape of consumerism has vastly changed, and producers owe it to themselves and their brand to stay abreast of these important changes.

Revolutionizing your Brand

To revolutionize your brand simultaneously with modern trends, you must take into consideration emerging and existing new models for supply chain, procurement, fulfillment and, especially, consumer purchase path. These practical factors can severely impact the historical buying journey that causes your various prospective customers to either buy-in or opt-out of purchasing your product.


The rise of e-commerce has altered the journey consumers take in purchasing a product. Historically, potential customers followed a linear path of purchase. Modernly, consumers are taking a different approach. Potential customers now engage in a process of both online and offline factors involving awareness, consideration, conversion, and evaluation.

Assessing the triggers that inhibit or decrease potential customers’ decisions surrounding an e-commerce transaction, is essential to creating an environment of accuracy for product content involving modern consumerism.

What Your Potential Customers Should Do

  • Rate your product as very important in an online purchasing decision
  • Find your product content consistent across multiple online channels
  • Likely to make a repeat purchase because of accurate product information online

Inaccurate Product Content can Erode Confidence in Your Product

A 2015 survey by Shotfarm highlights how important high-quality and detailed product information is for the digital path-to-purchase. The results revealed that consumers are more likely to reward a product with long-term loyalty when product content is consistent across multiple channels.

Consumers rely on high-quality product content as part of their path-to-purchase. As information continuously flows from the producers to the consumers, great care should be taken to ensure that the product remains up-to-date and is enriched effectively.

Benefits of Data-Driven Commerce

Is the online experience your product has created for consumers driving sales or driving them away? The experience of consumers online has moving parts that are varied. However, each of them needs to be optimal and synchronized to match effective digital transformation services. At Amplifi, that is what we do every time for all of our clients.

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