To wrap up the end of 2020 with a bang. We wanted to take an opportunity to review the most popular blog posts from the year.

How to Start A Career in MDM

There are many paths that can lead you to a career in MDM with a full spectrum of growth opportunities, both traditional and nontraditional. If you’re interested in starting a path into data management or data strategy, this blog post was a big hit this year.

CDO vs CDO – Will the Real CDO Please Stand Up

This article is a discussion around the journey of the CDO title, from digital to data within the world of MDM. Explore the roles of Chief Data Officer and Chief Digital Officer with us.

What’s A Distributor to do When Amazon is Knocking at the Door

Distributors have to find a way to compete and can no longer count on their B2B relationships alone to survive without digital transformation. See how.

What is Master Data Anyway

Are you still asking yourself what is Master Data? If you haven’t already started on an MDM plan in your organization, you’re already behind your competitors! Take a moment to get educated.

Automotive MDM in the Digital Age

Automotive MDM can help provide the foundational backbone infrastructure, and establish ‘single source of truth’ that auto businesses need. Our resident automotive guru, Robert Freimuth shares insights and expertise.

Four Steps to Prepare for an MDM Implementation

The four essential steps necessary to prepare for Master Data Management implementation are brought to the surface in this blog post. Also, the crucial steps to get to where you need to go.

How to Select the Right MDM Software and 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Discover the three biggest mistakes to avoid when evaluating MDM and PIM platforms. This blog post includes advice for making the right choice for your business and data!

Death of the Single Source of Truth

The Single Source of Truth legacy definition does not satisfy the holistic demands and expectations of modern business. Our team of experience professionals discuss why single source of truth may be different than we once thought.

The Benefits of MDM in CPG

Consumer Packaged Goods companies must rely on Master Data Management to streamline operations, drive business growth, and reduce risks. The benefits that CPG can experience when they properly implement and govern data management are great.

What Amazon Knows About Product Information

PIM can provide the data foundation that your enterprise needs to improve customer experience, grow brand loyalty, and increase sales. Ensuring that your correct product information is communicated to Amazon is crucial to eCommerce success.