Higher education can successfully adapt to an ever-evolving digital data landscape with tools to easily capture, share, analyze, and understand data from any system. Whether you’re building a strategy for online learning, increased financial or physical growth, or other changing priorities, Amplifi has a higher education data management solution powered by the Semarchy Unified Data Platform that helps you make critical decisions for continuity – whatever the future holds.

Higher education holds the promise of a better future for students across the globe. As students have turned from textbooks to iPads and from paper applications to electronics, it follows that higher education systems should be moving into the digital age as well.

Unfortunately, many universities that offer state-of-the-art technology to their students don’t leverage the same for their own internal systems. Without the tools to properly silo data streams from different systems and vendors, many opportunities are simply lost.

Help is here. Just like corporations, universities can use data management technology, processes, and techniques to drive rapid decision-making and boost organizational efficiency.

It’s called Master Data Management, and it can help schools in many powerful ways.

Gone are the days of lengthy and costly on-site technology implementations. With flexible tools to manage integrations with any system, schools can leverage data for high-value, insight-backed content in a matter of weeks – not months.

Here are three transformative benefits for higher education institutions that leverage MDM to improve efficiency.

Get a 360° View of Student/Customer Lifecycle:

Imagine tracking the entire lifecycle of students, beginning as applicants, through their journey as scholars, graduating to alumni, becoming donors and (potentially) parents of future students. With master data management, all records can be cleansed and de-duplicated for a consolidated view of the people the university serves.

With xDM, we’ve helped large state university systems as well as very well-known private schools to consolidate, view and utilize student data to track the entire life cycle from:

  • Marketing prospects
  • Enrollment/onboarding
  • Student services for undergraduate/graduate/international programs
  • Alumni outreach for donations, estate planning, marketing

With the right data management tools in place, universities can track the fluid relationships people have with your educational institution to enhance and enrich development, analytics, research, outreach, marketing, and more.

Case Study Highlight: National Student Clearinghouse

National Student Clearinghouse needed to develop an MDM platform while matching and migrating legacy data, including sensitive PII records. The company was required to maintain daily operations and customer service uninterrupted, as well as implement and train on the new system virtually during the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

By eliminating legacy IT systems and moving to a cloud-hosted platform with on-premise connectivity, NSC employees use a single platform to facilitate all student and university customer requests. With Master Data Management, NSC has a collaborative hub for data management and governance across their organization. This gives them more control and improves customer service with a 99.9% uptime commitment and access to comprehensive records of learner data, history, and information.

Strengthen Fundraising and Alumni Relations

There are enormous quantities of data for alumni and donors that are often in flux and always need to be merged, deleted, updated, and more.

With a unified data platform, universities can make sure every single piece of info about their donors and alumni are associated with the right ID with no duplicates.

Aligning data management with fundraising and donor outreach strategies not only improves customer support, it can also:

  • Reduce overhead for managing multiple legacy systems and data sources.
  • Ensure accuracy of recordkeeping for donations, professional development, e-learning, visiting faculty positions, and job networking.
  • Improve alumni relations with personalized alumni outreach to engage your most impactful ambassadors.
  • Strengthen fundraising efforts with campaign and donor tracking to identify opportunities and achieve capital campaign goals.

Improve Cost and Efficiency for Administrative and Facilities Management

Managing multiple legacy systems that don’t communicate with each other? With a single master data management platform, you can integrate data from any department and streamline data usage across your organization.

With efficient, user-driven, reporting tools across departments and physical locations, universities can benefit from a comprehensive view of financial, operational, and academic health, including:

  • Systematizing facilities management– with tools to track and organize assets and suppliers to reduce costs and create supply chain efficiencies.
  • Eliminating operational data redundancy costs – with a single data management process for all departments.
  • Ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations – to help secure PII and comply with other data privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA, FERPA)

Becoming a data-enabled organization starts with laying the foundation to support and adapt to changing consumer, learner, and educational institution needs.

Accelerating digital transformation can not only improve operational efficiency and agility, but it can also pave the way to transform organizations with outdated systems into a flexible, data and analytics-driven company for growth into the next century.

How can we help you?

By pairing Semarchy’s technology with Amplifi’s expertise of managing your data, Semarchy and Amplifi can enhance your master data management, student and university information management, data integration, and more. We implement, configure and support Semarchy’s MDM solutions to meet the needs of our customers using a single software platform.

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