Who’s heading up your MDM initiative? It’s probably the person most familiar with your organization’s data problems. However, that doesn’t mean that they are closely familiar with Master Data Management (MDM).

Companies typically don’t have a true MDM expert in their ranks, and that’s okay.  You shouldn’t let that slow you down. Here are three reasons staff augmentation for your MDM implementation could be the right call.

First, What is Staff Augmentation for MDM?

Staff augmentation is the use of an external expert to increase your organization’s MDM capacity. The practice has gained momentum as a cost-saving measure during the pandemic (32% according to a recent Gartner survey). But in technology, this approach has been common for years.

The market for highly-skilled technology talent is extremely competitive. People with niche technology skills (like MDM) are in high demand. And finding them quickly without an existing network can be close to impossible.

When you’re starting an MDM implementation (or you’re in the thick of one) and need additional brainpower to push the project forward, staff augmentation can be your lifeline.

What are the 3 Top Benefits of MDM Staff Augmentation?

We’ve established that MDM experts are highly sought-after, and the talent pool for consultants in the space is shallow. If you need MDM expertise, staff augmentation can come to your rescue.

There are a lot of ways MDM staff augmentation can add value to your team. Based on our experience in this space, we see the following three leading benefits:

#1 – No Recruitment Necessary

Recruiting is hard. And in the ever-changing technology landscape, it can be absolutely exhausting. Staff augmentation helps overcome this obstacle by:

  • Lightening HR’s load: HR teams are often lean and pulled in many directions, making it hard to dedicate staff to focus on shorter-term MDM projects. With staff augmentation, HR can fully concentrate on their core responsibilities.
  • Breaking through a hiring freeze: As a result of COVID-19, many companies triggered freezes on permanent hires. But often, the freeze doesn’t apply to contract help – which means staff augmentation can keep your MDM project moving.
  • Adding flexibility: Organizations need to stay agile in uncertain times. Supplementing current teams with flexible staffing keeps companies free from long-term employee costs.
  • Speeding up hiring: The process of pre-screening resumes, conducting interviews, and permanent employee onboarding takes precious time. Meanwhile, the best MDM talent flies off the market. Staff augmentation helps you avoid a lengthy hiring process while still scoring the best MDM expertise.

Staff augmentation means your MDM project isn’t at the mercy of HR hiring processes. Your company can connect with a network of flexibly-deployed MDM talent, even in a short timeframe and on a temporary basis.

#2 – No Broken Hearts

Laying-off a permanent employee is not only unpleasant; it adds more work and complexity to your plate. And even if you bring on a contract employee from a traditional temp agency, they don’t typically know their next step after releasing them from their contract.

That’s the beauty of staff augmentation. Your MDM resource will know they’re assigned to help with a specific issue, and they have a good idea about the length of their assignment. Their employment doesn’t hinge on the timeline of your project. When the engagement is complete, your temporary MDM expert departs on good terms, and can even be a powerful resource or lifeline when future needs arise.

#3 – Instant Expertise

MDM knowledge is very niche, and the number of candidates with the requisite MDM expertise and experience is limited. In order to add muscle to your MDM initiative, you need to connect with a resource that eats, sleeps, and breathes MDM. Someone that can jump right in and intuitively understand your data challenges and how to solve them.

Only a targeted MDM staff augmentation resource will have access to a network of consultants with a variety of MDM-specific client engagements in their pocket. With that experience, they can quickly dive into your company’s situation and help you reach your MDM implementation goals.

Guidance and Tactical Support for MDM Projects

Kickstarting an MDM project can be thrilling…and a little scary. Staffing your initiative with the right MDM expertise can make all the difference.

Amplifi can support your staff augmentation needs at any point in an implementation, from the early days of strategy through go-live and beyond. Our experts will strategically guide your team while providing the optimal mix of tactical support. We’ll help you sidestep the issues associated with hiring, and get your MDM project on track (or back on track) fast.

To learn more about staff augmentation – including the most common positions you might need – download our Solution Brief here.