Do elements of your data landscape go bump in the night? Are your data domains a “witch’s brew” of multiple, disparate, or even competing sources of truth? Could your data strategy be… haunted?!

It may be time for your team to consider a “busting” of your data management ghouls. Here are some telltale ways to know for sure:

Right Treat, the Wrong Wrapper

Is your enterprise ready for the demands that a new direction in data management will drive? Are all your stakeholders bought in? Though many teams endeavor to transform their data management, not all of them are successful. Putting a data management system in place is only as powerful as the accuracy of the data, the workflows, and the data governance policies that underly it. It is only as effective as the team’s overall strategy and change management approach across the stakeholders driving it. Data transformation is not only an IT initiative. Done right, it will holistically encompass business and digital stakeholders and many others across the organization.

Too Many Candy Buckets

Is your team using all the right data sources to power your strategy?  Do your source data repositories leave you in the dark? If you continue to uncover new data sources that were previously buried, your team should have a plan around validating which data sources are the right ones to use. While some organizations already use a Product Information Management (PIM) platform as their “golden source” of product data, it may be time to take a more holistic look at all of your data sources and domains to determine which candy buckets are, indeed, worth dipping into and which ones will provide the “sweetest value” and return to the business.

More Tricks Than Treats

For many teams looking to drive a deeper and more robust level of customer engagement through an omnichannel approach, the right syndication strategy can be a game-changer. If your team struggles with external syndication to channel retailers, chances are, data completeness and formats, data attribution, and data governance are some of the key areas you will want to shine the flashlight on, as you look to expand into new retail channels, ways to shop, and drive engagement across business partners and end customers.

Data Zombie Management

How does your team handle its products over time? The most successful digital teams have streamlined processes in place for the creation, updating, retirement, and yes, even the (zombie-style) resurrection of their SKUs. We recommend that all organizations take a careful look at their business workflows periodically to ensure that they are current and remain relevant and effective across the lifecycle of product management and the business overall.

Sweet Solutions for the Stickiest of Problems

Too many data ghouls, not enough busters

Don’t have the bodies to do the work? Not a problem! Consider Amplifi’s data management Advise & Consult offering. We bring our data ‘ghoul busters’ directly to your data landscape to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team and solve for your scariest of digital challenges.

Haunted data house

Worries about what’s buried in your data landscape? Are you looking for some clarity around how your organization approaches its data strategy today and how it should look in the future? Try a discovery and assessment engagement with Amplifi!

Looking for more ways to demystify your data landscape?

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