The modern customer journey is anything but linear. Instead, the path weaves through various channels and jumps across multiple devices. The commonality across these journeys is the need for thorough, accurate product content to inform and propel customers through each step.

73% of consumers state that detailed digital product content is a key factor in helping them make informed buying decisions. And Deloitte estimates that $0.56 of every dollar spent in a store is influenced by digital interaction.

To succeed in this new commerce environment, businesses must win on the digital shelf.

What’s Required to Win on the Digital Shelf?

Even with an increased focus on digital product content, it’s challenging for brands to syndicate the necessary content that moves the needle for customers. For example, winning on the digital shelf requires product details such as:

  • Accurate, up-to-date product data and descriptions
  • High-quality images
  • 360-degree product spins
  • Updated inventory information

For brands, sharing these product details with all their distributors and retailers causes costly inefficiencies. Think about it. There are hundreds — or even thousands — of different entities a brand may sell to across the globe. And they all want specific information, in a particular format, submitted in a precise fashion. Many brands simply can’t keep up with the data demands, and they end up sending inaccurate, incomplete product content that doesn’t turn digital shoppers into buyers.

GDSN Solves the Problem…If You Do It Right

To solve this problem, many businesses have turned to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to help align digital product data with their trading partners. As part of the network, brands can send accurate, complete content to their trading partners more efficiently. The network also makes it easier for distributors and retailers to get data back to brands.

However, using GDSN to enhance your digital shelf adds complexity. And getting it right requires a plan. As our technology partner, Salsify has discussed, GDSN can be optimized with the right data pool vendor along with the right people and processes to make your syndication strategies a success (which is where Amplifi can help).

When utilized correctly, leveraging GDSN helps businesses:

  • Share real-time product content with all treading partners simultaneously
  • Decrease data management time and costs
  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce errors
  • Bring new products to market quickly and easily
  • Enable brand transparency to customers

Ready to Get Started with GDSN?

If you’re curious about kickstarting GDSN for your business, we’ve created a booklet to help. Presented in partnership with Salsify, the booklet gives you a snapshot of “Five Things to Know About GDSN”.

You can get your free copy of the guide here.