If you’re an EnterWorks platform user or considering becoming one, I hope you took the opportunity to attend the Engage Online virtual user conference last week. While the format was virtual, there were so be many great opportunities to connect and collaborate with fellow users, platform experts, partners, and special guests. November 9-11th were action-packed days filled with copious amounts of information from customers and partners alike. Amplifi was excited to return in 2020 as Engage’s one and only Diamond Sponsor. For this recap post, I wanted to highlight 3 key features that were enjoyed at the conference this year: on-demand videos, live presentations, and the Ask the Experts room.

On-Demand Videos

Over 50 videos could be found in the Resource Center within the Engage application for 2020. These videos were contributed to by customers, sponsors, and EnterWorks alike. You could find a bounty of information around any knowledge space you wanted to learn. Amplifi contributed five different assets involving everything from thought-leadership in the data management space to a customer success story with clients such as IPC-Subway. Additionally, we also assisted the EnterWorks team in ensuring that all training aspects were covered, too. Our experienced team came together to ensure that Engage would be a place to collaborate and gain knowledge for every client, user, team, etc.

Check out our videos from Engage:

Live Presentations

The auditorium included all of the scheduled programmings for the virtual event, using everything from cued up videos to leveraging Zoom to deliver presentations. Attendees enjoyed watching items like customer panels, roundtable talks, or networking events. Tuesday night was completed with a magic show, even! There were such fun, innovative ways to get people involved and entertained through a virtual event! Our clients, IPC and Conagra took part in a customer panel focused on Adapting To A Changing Environment that discussed managing their MDM initiatives through the COVID pandemic. On the last day of the conference, Amplifi team members Michael Ayanwale and Eric Gilboe presented “Expanding Your MDM Footprint” with great success and feedback. If you’d like to see a previous version of this presentation, you can catch it here.

Ask the Experts Room

If you had questions regarding the EnterWorks platform, Engage had a place for you to go to ask them. Amplifi and Winshuttle practitioners, along with other sponsors, sat at the ready in the Ask the Experts room. Our team was comprised of many of our most talented Solution Consultants and Architects that were available to answer some of the most difficult questions. If you got help from Amplifi in this room, you can thank the following amazing Amplifiers:

  • Divine Munjoma
  • Durga Kantamnemi
  • Eric Gilboe
  • Gin Yum
  • Jack Pham
  • Jeff Bielke
  • JP Graves
  • Matthew Hounslow
  • Michael Ayanwale
  • Quintin Norwood

All of whom were ready and willing to stand up to the plate and on-call for any questions. Regarding Ask the Experts, we regularly run a webinar series based on our specific talents and expertise around the EnterWorks platform. Want to learn more? Go Here!

Wrap Up

While human interaction is definitely something that the entire population is yearning for during this pandemic, it is amazing to have options like virtual conferences to help fill the void for the time being. However, I still feel that virtual conferences will never have the full impact that an in-person one will. You miss the aspect of true connection and interaction, be it at the virtual booth or after hours while exploring the hosting city. Amplifi looks forward to being a part of this event next year and hopes to be able to share some smiles and shake some hands, even if it means sanitizing those hands afterward. See you in 2021, Engage.