Business Challenge

A changing target audience and increasing competition from weight-loss program service providers already pursuing an eCommerce strategy motivated Jenny Craig to kick off a new, multi-channel replatform to target the do-it-yourself weight-loss segment. However, at the time, the client lacked internal design strategy and cross-channel business expertise, which lead to the partnership with Amplifi Commerce.


Jenny Craig wanted more than the standard Oracle ATG Commerce re-platform. Amplifi began the project by researching what DIY customers would require from this product. Utilizing a traditional approach to user experience and product design, our team produced prototypes in parallel that were tested for both concept and usability with potential users. Once the design assets were finalized, application development began. Jenny Craig’s new cross-channel offerings included integrated eTools for ongoing consumer engagement, and integrated web and mobile functionality to create a true multi-channel ecosystem.

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Introduced client’s first online catalog and eTools offering for ongoing consumer engagement across desktop and mobile devices, creating a cross channel ecosystem.

Services Rendered

Oracle Commerce Implementation


User Experience Design


Business & Product Strategy


Added Features

Online Catalog

Social Integration

Planning & Tracking

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