Is your digital investment paying off the way you hoped?

It’s not exactly news that business is in the midst of a seismic business upheaval. Driven by a mix of computing power, consumer behavior, and new devices, companies have spent lavishly—some reluctantly—to reach the new buyer, communicate with business partners, and discern trends in an incoming flood of data. But too often, this new infrastructure just limps along: fragmented, fragile, insecure, and misaligned with company goals and KPIs. Ultimately, the answer won’t be found in tactical moves—another platform, a new website, the Cloud—but in fresh thinking about what you want to accomplish, and how to get there. 

Your business should run the technology, not the other way around.

Why is it that promises about success-through-technology so often let you down? It’s not that your expectations are too high—it’s that IT departments, consultants, and vendors allow technology to drive business decisions rather than the reverse. That’s a wasteful, risky lesson to keep repeating. Our advice? Don’t buy any more technology. Instead, stop and assess where you want to lead your business, and how Amplifi can assist.

We’re not like the other guys

Conventional wisdom says you have two basic advisory choices: (1) a consultancy or design agency that conceives a slick master plan, then hands off the actual implementation to third-party developers or to junior programmers, or (2) a code shop that’s happy to implement your directives but has little feel for what makes your business tick. In both cases, there’s a dangerous disconnect between vision and delivery. Is it any surprise that most IT projects come in behind schedule, over budget—and underwhelming?

The only sustainable approach is an integrated one

We’re the third option, and we know it works better. At Amplifi, creative, strategic, and tactical function as a unified team that listens and learns what drives your specific business. Implementation flows directly from the collaborative plan, and the same team is actively involved from start to finish. We tackle ambitious, across-the-board projects for both B2C and B2B clients—with fewer people and greater impact.

Rule #1: Your results come first, and the job isn’t done until they are realized.
Rule #2: See Rule #1.